grinderPUNCH Aviator Mirror Tear drop Sunglasses (3 PAIR)


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  • Department: Womens
  • Product Dimensions: 6 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Item model number: GPAV3BM-3PACK
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: May 22, 2009
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    I am absolutely hyped about these aviators, let me tell you why.

    Back in okinawa, I went on a sort of buying spree for cool shades. Had money, needed sunglasses. Bought around. Why not.

    I bought these for this price expecting one at the time. They came with 3. Blow out prices, man. I have since bought another trio a year and a half later. They left an impression.

    The look: Silver clean, good quality production lenses. The frames are a black matte to clash against the lenses in a really cool way. The look is outstanding.

    So to sum it up, these are cheap lose-a-pairs that pack a punch in terms of apperance. And the production+apperance value is bar none a winner for the price. If you're looking for some aviators, don't hesitate dropping a few bucks on these.

    I’ve boughten a three pack of the black aviators approximately once a year for over 5 years now. They are made well and look great! Plus with a price like that and the fact that there is THREE pairs makes it less heartbreaking when you brake or lose a pair. Mirrored finish last a long time but will scratch. After months of daily wear the black paint above the ears starts to rub off but it’s hardly noticeable when looking at them and has no change in the way they feel while wearing. Buying another set of three now for the year to come since I’m down to my last pair.

    I can’t have nice things, so I buy cheap. This is right up my alley. If I crush, scratch, or loose I have two contingency pair. Each pair comes with a soft rayon-like pouch. Nice and dark for those mornings after too much fun. On my second purchase. Didn’t realize the grinder in the product name, but now I get equal attention from both sexes.

    I am very specific with the aviators I buy -- they usually have to be extremely reflective (silver) and have a strong frame. Out of all the sunglasses I've ever bought, my favorite were a pair from Forever 21. Since I've yet to find another that doesn't have hearts all over it, I set out on a limb to find a replacement for the 5 year old pair I have that's long past its due date. Those I've found online and those at mall kiosks are always too big, too flimsy, too much of everything I didn't want.

    My optometrist is always saying that my eyes get sun burnt and that I need a good pair of sunglasses to protect them -- I was in marching band & I go on 10 mile hikes often. These are great protection and they do the job of darkening your vision on a super sunny day in Texas. They fit on my face just fine, I wouldn't say I know the size of my head but I'm a 4'11'' girl and they're fine on me. Only problem is that I have uneven ears so I have to manually adjust them for me ... but everyone has their own adjustments.

    They came in quick and for everyone complaining that they break too easily or are "cheap", this is a deal for 3 pairs (with pouches) for $3. If you lose them easily then they're a quick replacement. And most everything nowadays is "Made in China", so if you want an expensive pair "Made in the USA" pair -- don't buy these and complain about it. I've hiked with a pair and consider myself to be pretty clumsy with my things sometimes, especially little things like this. I've stuffed them into my hiking bag alongside camera gear/snacks, and they've yet to be scratched. If you're someone who is known to sit on your sunglasses/break them easily -- don't buy these. Otherwise, I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a quick and easy fix for some aviators.

    The sunglasses look great and the mirroring is very well done. They are very dark and really ease the harshness of the light on your eyes. Compared to polarized Oakleys they are secondary, but that is to be expected with sunglasses in this tier. This product is still a great buy nonetheless if you are looking for a stylish shades that get the job done. I wear them almost daily and have no regrets.


    Perfect for my Dave Strider cosplay, and great for everyday sunny weather use! any dave cosplayers in need out there, rejoice.

    they are ok. the lenses have a great mirror effect but the frame feels flimsy. i also wish the lenses were bigger. for someone with a smaller face than mine (i'm a guy with a big face) or for a woman they would be perfect. i don't know exactly how big the lenses are but if i had a guess i would say 50mm to 52mm. i also wish there were options for a silver frame with the mirror lenses. they look good with the black frame but they would look great with a silver frame. i'm satisfied with the product but not blown away. 3 glasses for $10 bucks is a great deal. but you also don't feel like you're getting $50 dollar quality sunglasses for this price. they're good not great.

    I read the reviews and and I thought I would give them a try since the price was right. I have to say, that I love these! My husband has a pair of aviators I bought him for $30. They are not near as well constructed as these. His are flimzy and they feel like they can break at any moment. If someone was to accidently sit on them, I'm 100% sure they would break. However, with these, I feel they can take a bit of abuse before they break completely. I like how they fit snug on my face so they don't slide off if I look down or turn my head quickly. They are dark, but it's not so dark you can't see when you are inside. The are as dark as the hold 80's plastic sunglasses. I love the mirrored look. Everyone comments I look like I stepped off the scene of Top Gun when I wear them!