Readerest Magnetic Eyeglass Holders (2 Pack), Made in USA (Stainless Steel & Gunmetal Black)


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READEREST has the #1 selling magnetic eyeglass holder with over 3 million units sold worldwide. Dropping, scratching, and losing your eyeglasses are now a thing of the past. You can go throughout your day with your reading glasses and sunglasses safe, secure, and within hands reach at all times. Plus, this item can be used to hold ID badges and manage earbud wires.

Life-time assurance: Yes really. We believe in making high quality products made here in the U.S.A. If you ever have any issues, we'll take care of you.

Eyewear Management Just Got Easier

We've found that millions of people are constantly dropping, scratching and misplacing their readers, sunglasses, and safety glasses. Mostly likely, you've experience this too and have spent money and countless hours repairing and looking for your glasses. With READEREST, those issues are a thing of the past! READEREST keeps your eyewear safe and secure when it's not on your face.


  • Saves you money by extending the lifespan of your eyewear.
  • Saves time by helping you keep track of your eyewear.
  • Makes everyday life easier with your eyewear being readily available.

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Multi-Functional - A Great Gift For Everyone

  • MOMS/DADS are busy, and not having to worry about where they put their sunglasses or readers is a life saver.
  • SENIORS love the ease of use and freedom that READEREST gives them. For many, having their eyeglasses accessible at all times is very important. Now they don't have to worry about forgetting or misplacing their eyeglasses.
  • OUTDOORSMEN/WOMEN love that it keeps their eyewear safe and secure when they're running, hiking, walking, and playing sports.
  • PROFESSIONALS love using it as an ID badge holder. Not all business attire has pockets and lanyards are uncomfortable and in the way.
  • KIDS aren't the best at remembering where they put things and losing an expensive pair of perscription glasses is not fun. Worry no more with READEREST.

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1. Remove

Remove the front clip from the backplate.

2. Place

Place oval backplate on the inside of your clothing on the desired area.

3. Attach

Attach the front clip to the outside of your clothing on the desired area. The magnets will self-attach and self-center.

4. Hang

Hang your glasses on the front clip located on the outside of your clothing.

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pearl magnetic eyeglass holder magnetic eyeglass holder 2 pack reading glasses holder holder for reading glasses clip on pack of eyeglass holders
# of Units One Two Three Three Six
Type Pearl Stainless & Black Stainless, Black, & Crystal Stainless Stainless
Magnets Neodymium Neodymium Neodymium Neodymium Neodymium
Manufactured United States United States United States United States United States

Product details Color: Stainless Steel & Gunmetal Black
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 0.2 x 0.8 inches
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  • Really wanted to love this, but one of the magnets came off the stainless steel metal piece the very first day when I took it off my shirt. Haven't been able to find where it dropped in order to return it.

    Update - I e-mailed readerest and they replied immediately and are sending a replacement - will update rating after I've had a chance to use it.

    Update 2 - Now I really DO love these. I've been using the black, readerREST that did not fail for a week, and received the replacement for the stainless steel one and have used it for a couple days -- and no further issues. Thank you ReadeREST for the quick replacement - customer service gets five stars. The ReadeREST itself is exactly what I had hoped it would be - it is already paying for itself. Inevitably my sunglass lenses get scratched within weeks of purchase because I commonly put them in my shirt pocket when not outside, and they fall out when I bend over to pick up something. I now religiously attach a readerest to my shirt or sweatshirt (no pocket even required) and haven't dropped my glasses yet! Even ordered a couple new pairs of sunglasses that I expect to last much longer than in the past. A very nice product!

    I use this to attach my work photo badge to my dresses. If you have worries of this falling off, you shouldn't. This thing is SO STRONG. The magnets are always inadvertently sticking to all sorts of metal things in my bag when I'm not wearing it. You'll probably never lose it either, because it just becomes a giant ball of magnet + keys + EVERYTHING IN YOUR BAG.

    For its function, this is a wonderful product; I have used a ReadeRest every day for nearly four years and recommended it to many people. However, the plastic back plate does not have nearly the lifespan of the front bracket. Two back plates have broken in that time, while the front brackets are completely intact. I believe the cause is the pulling action necessary to separate the plate from the bracket. My second unit had much stronger magnets than the first and the plate broke much more quickly. Now, I do not connect both magnets when storing the unit overnight in hopes of getting more lifespan from the back plate. As another recent reviewer said, there should be the option to buy more back plates, because the front piece seems to last forever.

    These were a replacement for my original ReadeRest which finally wore out after many years and constant wearing - the plastic back started to lose its shape and bend. Our closest Bed Bath & Beyond no longer carries them and I was quite happy to see Amazon carries them - esp. the gunmetal "black" color (which I hadn't seen before) which blends in nicely with many of my clothes. I have recommended these eyeglass holders to several people who have noticed mine. The only problem I have encountered over the years is that I am quite short and if I bend over the washing machine (or other metal structure), I tend to magnetically adhere to it until I gently pull away. I'm hoping the new ReadeRests perform as well and as long as my previous one - they seem to be the same quality. I REALLY like the ReadeRest for keeping my reading glasses so handy and definitely recommend purchasing them.

    Thankfully I bought a pack of two: black and stainless steel. On the black one, the tiny round magnet that attaches to the metal part came off. I guess it wasn't glued properly, or the glue wasn't strong enough. Too bad, I really like the concept, and the other one works great.

    I tried to initiate a return/refund online, but it wouldn't let me. Called Amazon customer service, I was told that I could keep them, no need to return, and they will refund my money so I can re-order if I like. The agent that I talked to was even so apologetic about it. Now, isn't that just a spectacular customer service? Literally, second to none!

    I love these, this is the second set I have ordered. Loved them so much, I ordered more for a couple of elderly ladies at church. The magnet is very strong. Works fine with heavier fabric, just like lighter weight fabric. I bought black the first time and black and silver this time. Since I only wear readers, I put my glasses on and off, dozens of times a day. This is so convenient, and does not harm your top in any way.

    Bought these for my husband as after his PRK surgery he had to use reading glasses. He absolutely loves them! The magnet is super strong and he can either slide the glass frame arm through the loop or if just sitting at his desk, let the frames stick to the loop without sliding it through. He is very, very pleased. I'm so glad I found these for him because he did not want to use library strings!

    Another product I saw on Shark Tank and loved. I've now stopped using them as I didn't realise how many things over the course of a day rub against the front of our bodies - from seat belts, to appliance cords etc. I might try them again (just for in the house) as I still do like the idea of them and necklace type holders are much worse for incurring scratch damage.

    Accesorio útil pero de muy mala calidad. Es muy caro para lo corriente que están.

    It was sold as a twin pack, but what i got was only 1 gun metal ! Very very disappointing.

    To keep glass

    Aus Sharktank. Hält was es verspricht macht was es soll. Alles super. Aber etwas teuer für nen Magneten für den Zweck. Also Preis um die Hälfte reduzieren und ich konsumieren mehr