This Mask Is As Useless As Our Governor - Reversible - 2 Pack


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Face mask - This Mask Is As Useless As Our Governor. Useless Governor Masks are new in a reusable bag., All day comfort while wearing your useless Mask....

Makes commies lose their mind.

This mask is as useless as our governor. It’s way to small for an adult. Writing is only on half. Didn’t even come with a filter.

Mandated mask wearing, the mask is too small for my hubs and made it even funnier

You can really make a statement while wearing this mask. Some people who saw me wearing it told me that they really liked it.

I just love this statement! The mask is comfortable, soft with long enough loops that it’s not tugging on my ears. Quality!

This mask is pretty small. Fits over the nose but barely covers the bottom lip. I know its a useless mask but very uncomfortable to wear.

Great mask - wear it when I have to - a little pricey but it gives out a message

Mask is nice but only received 1 from the 2 pack.