No-Slip Wig Band Scarf Gripper Extra Hold Comfort Band Extra Hold Comfort Band


  • Hook and Loop closure
  • ALL DAY SECURITY. Thin Velour band keeps wigs or scarves in place for all-day security. Eliminates the need for glue, tape or clips.
  • ADJUSTABLE. Velcro allows you to size this wig gripper exactly to the size of your head for that perfect one size fit.
  • COMFORTABLE. Say good-bye to wig and scarf related headaches. This band allows for extra hold with maximum comfort.
  • LOTS OF COLORS. Available in 7 colors so you can match them up to your scalp, wig or scarf.
  • LANDANA HEADSCARVES. The brand you trust for quality and comfort for wig wearers, cancer and chemo patients and women who cover their hair for style!


Landana Headscarves

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This thin velour band is worn under a wig or scarf to hold it securely in place for all day comfort. Wearing this wig grip will ensure the headcovering stays in place with out the need for uncomfortable glues, clips or tape. When wearing this wig gripper, your wig or scarf will feel just right - eliminating headache & sliding wigs allowing for worry-free wear. There is a strip of velcro on the ends which allows you to adjust the wigrip to the size of your head for a one size fit.

  • Department: Womens
  • Package Dimensions: 9 x 2.5 x 0.25 inches
  • ASIN: B01A76GISE
  • Item model number: ldwb-noslip
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer: No
  • Date First Available: January 5, 2016
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    This product made all the difference in wearing a wig! The two greatest features are it's adjustable because of the velcro sizing and it's light color.
    I was wearing a wig with the wig caps everyone uses and they gave me a terrible headache. Then I wore the wig alone and it slid all over my bald head, it was awful!!!
    Out of desperation I got on and ordered 5 different types of bands this is the winner! I sent the rest back. I would highly recommended it. No one tells you this when you are wig shoping!

    This is a lovely headband, to begin with, It doesn't "scrunch" it's way up off your head from it's elasticity, like other headbands.
    But also, it will absolutely "lock" scarves onto your head. Just be sure you have it on correctly, so the "nap" is facing forward., That's what locks the scarf in place.

    Received this on 12/16/16. Was a waste of money. I saw the good reviews from people and a few of the bad reviews of the other people. I figured since more people loved it that it was worth giving it a try. It did absolutely nothing from my wig. I feel like the seller/manufacturer should put a disclaimer on the types of wigs or caps that this is compatible with!! Welp, back to booby pins and sewing elastic bands to my wigs that gives me a migraine, so that my wig can stay in place and not slip

    Finally a velour velcro band that fits in all the right places. I cut 2 inches off so not to have extra. Will fit all sizes and snip where you like. Feels great against my scalp and protects sensitive skin from feeling the interior of a full wig when needed. Also better at holding pretied scarves on your head. Nylon stocking caps can't compare when needing to comfort scalp or keep scarf on while handling medical issues. So glad I spotted it!

    This works and really helps to keep the wig from shifting. Its a bit big for me but my size it right on the edge of petite to average. It would have been good if some kind of instructions came with it. I just had to figure it out with some trail and error. one edge of the band has no reinforcement interfacing and that edge wants to fold over and that's a bit annoying. In the end its comfortable and I'm glad I have it.

    This product is wonderful! It came promptly and was just as described. The fit is excellent (I have an average size head, but there is room to adjust) and it is quite comfortable! I can wear it with a snood, scarf, or wig and it prevents slipping. It is thin enough that it does not show through, and I like that it comes in many colors (I picked one close to my natural hair color. I have bought similar products in the past for more money, but this is working fine! I appreciate the savings. Thank you for a great product!

    It keeps my scarves and turbans in place and is close enough to my hair color that if a little bit shows it's not objectionable. The velvet grips the scarf and keeps it from slipping off. I still have some difficulty with silk scarves as they are very slippery, but before I used this product, I couldn't keep them on at all. Easy to handwash or machine wash and drip dry. Velcro makes it adjustable.

    I have never tried one of these but this does seem to help. I will use it with a big Lolita wig w/pony tails on Saturday. Tried it on last night and it really does keep natural hair in place and kept wig from slipping. Will post pics.

    I have alopecia and have to wear a wig basically every time I go out, and this headband makes sure they don't move more than a couple milimeters! I used to have problems with my wigs slipping back on my forehead, constantly having to tug them forwards (which is bad for lace-front wigs!) but now they totally stay put!

    A good tip: read the label on the headband and use it exactly as stated. How I usually put it on is: tie my remaining hair back into a bun, put on a wig cap, put this headband on over the wig cap, and then put my wig on. Voila! Slip-free wigs!

    Also, make sure your wigs are tight enough on your head (most wigs have adjustable hooks, straps, or velcro). That seems to really help. And I usually put the hairline of my wigs just a few mm forwards from my actual hairline, just incase of minor shifting (but nowhere near the 1/2-1" my wigs used to slip without this headband, now they slip no more than 3mm!).

    I have a small head so all wigs I wear are too big for me... Since buying this, my wig stays on way better! I feel more secure as my hair doesn't move out of place as much. I don't wear glue or tape so it's definitely a good alternative! I would recommend to anyone. Also, due to not having any hair from my alopecia, I wouldn't wear any caps or anything so it would get a little itchy from time to time... Especially around the lace front part! With the No-Slip Wig Scarf Gripper, it reduces the itchiness to almost none! It's a nice soft velvety material which makes wig wearing very comfortable.

    I gave 4 stars because I feel like they can make this even more grippy-er with a better material than what's used and it would be a good idea if they had rubber/polyurethane strips so it can grip to your scalp as it can move a little if not put on tight enough.

    But all in all I am satisfied with my purchase! The price isn't bad either which is nice!

    My wigs do not move! I have an array of different types I wear daily and this product is great. It is a tad tight to begin with but eventually it will stretch just a bit. Keeps all my hair flat. Saw a lady who used this product on YouTube and then found it on amazon and had to try it. Was not disappointed. Very much recommend for ladies who wear all day and don't want any movement or readjustments through their day.

    This product works as described when used properly. When I first used it , it was not keeping the wig in place, however I then realized it said to keep the label facing outward on right side, once I followed those directions the product worked correctly keeping my wig in place. It does give a scalp appearance with the tan color. The product material is a little thick but I don't find it makes your head hot. This is something I use regularly when wearing a wig to prevent it from slipping back.

    This is so cool! I always thought I was doing something wrong with my wigs. I would need bobby pins, wig clips, adjusted the elastics in the back, and I would still need to adjust my wig every 5-10 minutes. It drives me nuuuts! This is fantastic! It doesn't move! Just make sure not to velcro it too tight, otherwise it will be uncomfortable. And my other suggestion would be to buy it in the color of your hair.

    Arrived in perfect condition and on time. I ordered two accidentally and was able to return one with no problems. I use it to secure my hairline under a wig. It is important to put it on as per the label sew onto the band.

    I own two Milano Wig Grips, which I love- essential while wearing a wig with Alopecia. As it's tricky to get them shipped to Canada, I purchased this as a back up. It does the job but seems to slip more than my Milano's and i have to pull it very tight because the material is so stretchy.

    Good if you are in a pinch and need something shipped with Prime, but not ideal for everyday.

    Bulky underneath wigs and made my head feel hot after a while but does what it says. Wig didn't shift and felt sturdy but band was uncomfortable to wear.

    I don't know what else to say except this is the most simple, elegant, life-changing product for wig wearers EVER! How on earth I lived without this until now? Fabulous.

    Fit very well 1st few weeks, then it stretched out and started sliding off my head.

    It does slip. Definitely not for full wigs. Better for lace wigs

    Works better than I could hope for!! I don't worry about losing my wigs in wind storms!

    works perfectly.

    Supercherie ça vaut 2$ Payé trop cher arnacle

    Holy grail product, keeps my wigs on very secure. I don't need to use glue anymore. Definitely recommend!