SOMALER Womens Cotton Wide Brim Sun Hats UPF50 UV Packable Beach Hat Summer Bucket Cap for Travel


  • Drawstring closure
  • 1)Sun hats for women: This sun hats made by 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester,super lightweight and breathable for summer days wear,4'' wide brim will provide enough sunshade to your face and neck ,UPF50+ UV sun protection hats will block 97% harmful sunrays
  • 2)Summer sun hats with Wire-edged brim can be up and down easily ,you can reshape your own style and the hat is stiff and sturdy enough to hold it shape
  • 3) Wide brim beach hat fit for head size from 20.86'' to 22.83'',Inside the hat with velcro drawstring will adjust the hat size for good fit ,Detachable and adjustable chinstrap will keep the hat stay in the windy days
  • 4)Sun Bucket cap:Beside the hat crown with 2 Buttons will create chic look you will love ,5 beautiful colors for choice ,A wonderful hat for wearing while gardening, beach, pool or any outdoor activities in the summer days
  • 5)Super Packable and Crushable sun hats , you can pack the hats easily into your luggage for travel ,even into the pause ,no need worry any crease, 100% washable and quick-dry



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Summer hats for women

Cotton Wide Brim Sun Hats For Women UPF50 UV Packable Beach Hat Summer Bucket Cap for Travel

Wide Brim Cotton Hat

Packable Beach Sun Hat For Travel -No Need Worry About Any Crease

Packable sun hats for women

Wide Brim Cotton Sun Hats- Fashion And Chic Look

Cotton Bucket cap

UPF50 UV Sun Protection - Full Protect Your Face And Neck

wire-edge brim


Velcro drawstring


Wire-Edge Wide Brim ,Easily Reshape

Detachable Chinstrap

Velcro Drawstring Adjust Hat Size

Packable and Foldable Sun Hat

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  • Date First Available: March 10, 2019
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    I’ve never really understood why my husband has two hats that he has worn for literally decades, and has dug out of garbage cans (cause I had no idea he was THAT attached to the damn thing), drove over 2 hours back to a restaurant to rescue it from a lifetime in their lost and found (trust me, no one was going to claim that thing), and has waged full-scale war with me over his right to keep both of them, regardless of appearance and smell. (Yes, smell….he did lose the battle over the fact that they had to be cleaned.)

    Now….well, now I understand. And I’ve only had the thing for a few days. Doesn’t matter. It’s my favorite hat now. It CAN happen that quickly, because it only takes a few minutes sometimes for a hat to become one that I will NEVER wear again. So when one works, you definitely know. Usually the problems are with the way they fit: too tight, makes my head itch, makes my head too hot, can’t wear my sunglasses with it because it interferes, the stitching/material is crap and it literally rubs my scalp raw. The list is long. That doesn’t even take into account that I need a large brim that will cover my face and neck and all the problems you can encounter with that whole thing.

    So. This hat. (You’re thinking, finally. Get to the point already.) Loved the WIDE brim and the fact that it’s wired. It’s foldable. I mean TRULY foldable. So it can be stored in a purse or tote and not take up the entire thing, or come out looking like a failed origami project that will never resemble a hat again. This thing snaps right back into shape. The wire is sturdy enough not to break or be weighed down by the fabric it’s supporting. The stitching/craftsmanship is excellent. The attention to detail means no weird rolling, stray ends or stitching that rubs, and some really well-thought out additions. It’s also made with a very durable/high quality fabric. Mine came with two straps that can be attached to the small fabric loops on the interior. One is like a fabric drawstring material that has two plastic clips that will fit through the loops and it has a toggle to tighten it if needed. The other is a thinner nylon cord with metal ends and a toggle, as well. There is also a small “strap” that has velcro that is about 2 inches long. This can be placed inside the cloth band that runs around the interior to create a “gather” if the hat is too loose. It provides a way to snug it up just enough….basically a way to customize the fit to your head in a way that doesn’t create any lumps or irritation….you just make the adjustment and fold the band back over inside the hat, and you don’t even notice it’s there. Just that the hat fits like it was specifically made for your head.

    I’m a VERY fair skinned redhead, so my relationship with the sun is kind of like a vampire’s. I need the sun to not touch my skin or I will basically combust within seconds. This hat gives me that. And more. I can shape the brim to cover areas depending on how I’m sitting and the sun’s location. If you’ve ever struggled with one of those floppy hats (like those god-awful straw ones that look great in pictures but are otherwise good for torutre, high blood pressure, and progressively creative swearing) then you know how RARE this is. I’m sure I’m forgetting something about this hat. Oh, the price. Freakin’ amazed that this hat isn’t double the price. I would probably be willing to shell out that much now that I’ve tried it. I’d definitely pay that in ransom if someone ever held MY FAVORITE HAT hostage. Just sayin. I’m going to be checking out this company for other styles, and I’m definitely ordering a few more colors in this one!!

    Love!! It is so cute and exactly what I was looking for!! I like how the brim is wired so it can be shaped to how I want it to sit. Nice packaging and speedy shipping!

    Great looking hat. Dries quickly. Nice wide brim with thick wire within to adjust brim. Also comes with detachable chin strings for heavy winds. I used this at the beach and it was perfect for shading and didn’t fly off my head. Folds flat but retains shape. Would definitely recommend.

    I usually buy a Scala sun hat. This one looked good, and got good reviews. It was a lot less too. Well, you get what you pay for...... it's just okay and very big. Inside the brim is an elastic velcro piece that makes the top smaller to fit on your head. After a week, on a ship, it stretched out so bad the wind took it away a few times. I now have a safety pin holding the strap to keep it from falling off. My opinion pay more for the Scala and have a good hat.

    This hat has a wide enough brim for sun protection. I like that it has shapeable wire in the brim, and you can crush it, fold it, and it bends right back. It's stylish, and there's a cord that you can put in or not to help during windy days so it doesn't fly off of your head.

    Very cute, not too tight. Fits well. Hard for me to find hats that aren’t too tight. But this one fits great. Finally a cream bucket hat, couldn’t find a light one in this color. Great for summer!

    Love, love this hat! The only hat I own that doesn't blow off or flap around during my windy beach walks! There are chin straps included, but I haven't needed to use them yet - because of the material and how the hat is made it stays on!
    It also protects and covers my face from the sun - this was a great buy - I am thrilled with it!

    This hat is stylish, lightweight and reasonably priced compared to hats that offer similar protection. The hat arrived completed folded within a small bag but immediately sprung into shape when unfolded. Terrific buy - I love it!