Crocs Classic Clog | Water Comfortable Slip on Shoes


  • 100% Croslite
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Crocs for everyone: With a color and style for every personality, the Classic Clogs are the Crocs women and men need to start a comfort revolution around the world.
  • Lightweight and fun: The Crocs for men and women feature lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort. Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris quickly.
  • Designed to fit: These slip-on clogs are easy to take on and off, while being extremely durable. These Crocs even offer pivoting heel straps for a more secure fit.
  • Wear for any occasion: These men's and women's Crocs serve as great house shoes but also ideal for the beach, pool, gym, shower, walking or even gardening.
  • Crocs for women and men: The Crocs Classic Clogs are not only the most comfortable shoes for women and men but also easy to clean just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry.


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Original. Comfortable. Versatile. The iconic clog that started a comfort revolution around the world! The irreverent, go-to comfort shoe that you're sure to fall deeper in love with day after day. Crocs Classic Clogs feature lightweight Iconic Crocs Comfort , a color for every personality, and offer an ongoing invitation to be comfortable in your own shoes.

Looking for the ultimate warm-weather shoe? Crocs' Classic clog has a ventilated upper and a traction outsole to make it a top wet-dry performer--perfect for the beach--but we can think of a zillion other places you'll want to wear it.

Product details
  • Product Dimensions : 15.51 x 10.39 x 4.72 inches; 1.33 Pounds
  • Item model number : 10001
  • Department : Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available : August 18, 2019
  • Manufacturer : Crocs
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #60 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #25 in Women's Shops
    • #1 in Men's Mules & Clogs
    • #28 in Men's Shops

I will admit, I once was a hater. I lived a hateful negative life where I truly despised this footwear. But recently I've made many drastic life changes and these shoes have helped me see the light. They have helped me to see the beauty of the world and give me the confidence to face whatever obstacles life may throw my way. I can now walk outside with confidence. These shoes, these marvelous shoes, help me to live my life to the fullest not only in style but with such comfort no amount of words can begin to describe. I will now continue to live my life with an open mind to such fashion statements. No more will I live with my head hung low, but now I wear my crocs with pride. Sports mode empowers me while relaxed mode truly is the epitome of serenity. Crocs have also been the glue that has bonded me and one my best friends. Crocs truly change your life and bring people together. I will forever be indebted to this spectacular shoe.

I LOVE THESE THINGS!! They're stylish and functional. These shoes are the future. It is not hard to pull them off with any outfit. Wear them to school, wear them to run errands, wear them to church! I sure do! Nothing can compare to these wonderful shoes.These shoes really show individuality. With a variety of colors and endless shoe charms, you can express who you are in a unique and fashionable way. Be a trend setter with Crocs, the shoes that should have never gone out of style!

I have worn Crocs for years, but the well-made ones that came from the USA (Colorado) many years ago. These made in China ones are a harder plastic and extremely wide so that my feet slip around in them or the shoes fall off. They also aren't anywhere near as comfortable due to the harder plastic, even if they did fit properly. I have already started the return process, very disappointed since after many years, my American made ones are finally starting to wear out and need replacing

I own 2 pair of Crocs women's Freesail and figured I'd try a pair of the classics. The Freesail are much trimmer & narrower in width than the women's Classics. I love both. The Classics are quite a bit boxier and wider in width than the Freesail and the Classics seem to have a bit more cushioning on the bottom. Both work well for my problem feet which are usually sporting the Alegria brand shoes/sandals for work. However, on weekends and downtime, I prefer Crocs. I have hammer toes and deteriorating foot joints and have lost most of natural cushioning on the bottom of my feet making it feel like I'm walking on marbles. I typically wear a women's 8/12 or a European size 39. In Crocs, I always go a size 9 for the length. I love both the Freesail and Classics and would urge anyone with "touchy feet" to give these a try.

I was hoping these would fit like the Classic Clog Crocs I already have but, they still feel too small. It's the third pair I've ordered lately and can't seem to find the fit I was hoping for. Ended up donating these and the others to Value Village since I had worn them a couple of times. None of them seemed as roomy as the ones I have almost worn out. I love Crocs but am frustrated trying to find the right fit!

I agree with other reviewers that croc has changed the fit of the shoe. I have worn crocs for years. I wear them with socks and without socks, depending on the weather. I get a new pair when I wear a hole in the ball of the foot area in the old pair. I wear them to take a walk every day (I hate tennis shoes). I got these and the weather was warm and I wore them without socks and the edge at the top of my arch rubbed a blister on both of my feet, because croc has made the whole shoe box smaller and lower in the arch area. That has NEVER happened before. The back strap is also shorter, which will push your foot further into the shoe. I don't use the strap, but it I checked it out after reading other people's reviews about it and it is definitely shorter than the strap on my old crocs. Boo hiss on croc for now cutting corners on a good product. Makes me wonder if the sole is going to wear out faster now too....
For fit, I wear a size 8 women's shoe and I always buy crocs in size= 7 mens/9 womens. I don't know if sizing up will help with issues of how they changed the fit or if it would just be a more clown like shoe flopping on the foot (you gotta admit, they feel great, but have a clown shoe quality about them). : )

I bought these to replace an earlier pair which were just great, and which I wore for two years. These were the exact same size and style as before (different colour only).

I received these on October 4th, 2018. Photo taken November 2nd, 2018. That is less than a month. You can draw your own conclusions from a glance at the photo.

Also, this pair seemed smaller/tighter than the original pair, despite supposedly being the exact same size. And the rivet/pivot on the strap raised a nasty blister on my foot.

Will have to give serious thought before buying another pair of these!

Because of wide feet, I've been afraid of ordering these popular shoes. Over the years I've had to return or give away shoes I carefully chose, cos only the front of my feet are wide (like a duck). Have to have some sort of strap, or tie on. My siblings would urge me to try them, so I took the plunge. The 1st pair had to be returned because of a simply mistake at the factory; the wrong size was put in the box. The replacement arrived yesterday, and I could turn cartwheels, if I could. So comfortable, roomy, and no breaking in period. With regular leather shoes, the little toe on my right foot is still squeezed; with the Crocs, no problem! And it keeps my feet cool! These are officially my fav shoes. Plan to buy more in diff colors.

Está reseña va dirigida a que podáis ver los Crocs tras 2 años de uso intensivo, a diario y durante varias horas, con el añadido de que son de color blanco y, por tanto, un color aparentemente sucio.

Desde hace 2 años he utilizado los Crocs como calzado en mi puesto laboral, por lo que la media de uso semanal ha rondado las 40 horas.

A pesar de que la primera vez que uno ve los Crocs se pregunta cómo es posible que "un trozo de plástico" tenga ese precio, las apariencias engañan. Son realmente cómodos, se pueden usar casi en cualquier contexto: en agua, en seco, si hace calor, para el trabajo, para casa, la piscina, la playa, con el pie desnudo, con calcetines...

A pesar de tantas horas con él, el pie no se resiente, para nada.

Como se ve en las fotografías las zapatillas están en perfecto estado tras tanto uso. Si bien son de color blanco y se ensucian más fácilmente que cualquier otro color, las zapatillas pueden meterse en la lavadora y quedan impolutas.

Los enganches que unen la cinta tobillera con el cuerpo de la zapatilla no tiene ningún desperfecto, sigue funcionando a la perfección a pesar de ser aparentemente el punto más débil de las zapatillas.

Las recomiendo sin duda y más aún, cuando se rompan, compraremos otras.

 Este sin duda es el modelo más cómodo de todos. El Crocs clásico. Ya tenía unos para el trabajo y he comprado estos para tenerlos para casa. Se acabaron las incómodas zapatillas.
Además una cosa importante es que tiene una suela a la que no se le pega la pelusa o la suciedad como es el caso de las zapatillas de andar por casa, que vas dejando la suciedad al caminar.
Y te van a durar bastantes años.
En cuanto al número coincide con mi talla de zapatos. Son anchos lo que da estabilidad y comodidad.

Un acierto, os animo a probarlas

Si te ha gustado mi review, pulsa Util

Wir haben gleich 3 Paar dieser Schuhe in unterschiedlichen Größen und Farben gekauft. Da wir diese Schuhe im Garten und auf der Terrasse benutzen wollten, lagen sie bei uns immer draußen. Nach einigen Tagen in der Sonne sind sie so eingeschrumpelt, dass man unmöglich noch seinen Fuß hinein bekommt. Die schwarze 43/44 passt höchstens noch jemandem mit Schuhgröße 36, und die dunkelblaue 42/43 kann niemand mehr tragen, da sie sich zusätzlich auch noch vorne extrem nach oben gebogen haben und jetzt gute Clownsschuhe beim Kinderfasching wären. Das dritte Paar hat sich nur ein wenig verzogen, vermutlich weil es die hellblauen waren und da die Sonne nicht so draufbrezelt. Geht jedenfalls überhaupt nicht für den Preis! Hätte ich bei 5€ Schuhen erwartet. Wenigstens ein Hinweis, dass man die Schuhe nicht in die Sonne legen darf, wäre wichtig!

Pro✔️ qualità e robustezza che solo le crocs originali hanno.
✔️Comode anche a piedi scalzi
✔️Non puzzano di petrolio come alcune discutibili imitazioni
Cons ❌ rapporto qualità prezzo a mio parere ottimale solo se le scarpe sono in offerta scontate.

Belle scarpe acquistate grazie a un fortissimo sconto che mi ha fatto conoscere questo marchio. Ho sempre usato questo tipo di calzature di altre marche ma la cosa che mi ha stupito è che le originali sono un po' più comode delle altre e le plastiche usate appaiono più robuste. Poi non puzzano di petrolio o plastica o gomma come TUTTE le altre scarpe simili. A piedi scalzi sono gradevoli e comode.
Confido in una buona durata. Le consiglio per casa, il mare, o brevi passeggiate estive , non sono adatte ovviamente per lunghe camminate che ti distruggono.
Le consiglio a occhi chiusi, a mio parere quando sono a un prezzo scontato, in quanto per quanto siano di buona qualità il prezzo di listino è davvero sproporzionato.
Se questa recensione è stata utile segnalalo qua sotto grazie!

As some other buyers have pointed out, the big issue with these crocs is ordering your correct size. The size quoted i.e. “9 UK women, 8 UK men” is in fact a large size 9, so the actual clogs you will receive are always a size larger than the size you order.

So long as you’re careful about this sizing issue, these are excellent clogs. You can stand or walk all day in them and they’re always comfortable. If they get dirty, just pop them in the washing machine and bingo, good as new. You don’t need to ever use the straps but if you do choose to use them they’re strong and hard wearing, though if you wear the shoes a lot the strap attachments are likely to be the only component that will eventually break loose.

For the price, you can’t go wrong – as long as you make sure you get the correct size.