Crocs Classic Lined Clog | Warm and Fuzzy Slippers


  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Faux Fur
  • Synthetic sole
  • WARM AND FUZZY FEELINGS INSIDE: Designed with function and warmth in mind, the soft and lined Crocs for men and women are great as a slipper but also perfect for running errands.
  • SAME CLASSIC FIT: The same legendary clogs with a toasty lined fuzz are the Crocs women and men need to keep the feeling going all season. Traditional heel straps give you a secure fit or step in and go comfort.
  • CRADLING COMFORT: Incredibly light and easy to wear, the Crocs clogs for women and men are created with Croslite foam, offering Dual Crocs Comfort that is blissfully supportive, soft and cradling.


Brand: Crocs

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faux fur lined classic clog.

Product details
  • Package Dimensions : 12 x 11 x 4.4 inches; 11.36 Ounces
  • Item model number : 203591
  • Department : Unisex-adult
  • Date First Available : December 20, 2019
  • Manufacturer : Crocs
  • ASIN : B082YNQKB7
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #40 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #17 in Women's Shops
    • #1 in Women's Mules & Clogs
    • #21 in Men's Shops

THESE ARE AMAZING! I have many chronic pain/nerve/Autoimmune issues and CRPS so I am always on a search for a comfortable shoe (which is almost impossible because of my CRPS) but these CROCS, which I said I would never buy, are the best shoes I have ever purchased. They're comfortably lined, perfect for slip on or wear as a backed shoe and it's just comfy to wear in bed or walking around. If you have any similar issues or have back pain (not saying it bc I'm not a doc just a patient with degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis) get these shoes. I hope it will help you!

Crazy fast shipping! Adore the lining in these shoes; especially in comparison to its standard “rubbery” no lining base/standard model. I use these Crocs as house shoes due to their ease of slipping on and off, coupled with the 1+” of support they sport. Normal slip on house shoes feel as tho I’m walking on the bare floor. Not sure why “slippers” are synonymous with no “sole”?! I do not wear socks to bed, so it’s incredibly handy that these come with a lining in them. If you’re a 1/2 (half) size, go up in size with Crocs, not down, as these are only Made in whole sizes. You’ll appreciate the extra room, as opposed to your heel sitting on the back lip of The shoe because it’s too small for Your foot lol.

Quick Note: throw your fav pair of these Crocs into your Amazon cart and let them marinate there for a few days. Ensure your amazon notifications are turned on, as to alert you when the price changes for items “in your cart”. The prices on these shoes are CONSTANTLY changing. At some point their price will drop and if you don’t mind waiting a hot Minute, you can save a handful of Coin on them as well!

Great fit! ✔️
Great price! ✔️
Fast shipping! ✔️
And no More walking around with cold achy feet! ✔️✔️✔️

I was pleasantly surprised by these Crocs! I'm one of those awful peeps who made fun of them and thought they were ugly silly shoes. I'm also an edema sufferer, and because of that have been stuck paying a fortune for my shoes, having to choose brands such as Drew or Emey [sic] for the extra wide width, and increased toe depth. If you had told me some $25-$30 plastic shoes were gonna solve my issues, I'd have thought you were nuts. I got these because a friend swore by them, and I decided to prove him wrong by trying them. Well, the first time I put them on, I noticed the tight instep, and thought well see I am right, but after a few minutes, literally, that loosened up. The toe depth is perfect, the roomy fit is perfect, and I've been wearing them exclusively for months now! Well, I did save one pair for Christmas, and to my delight, they fit better than the first pair! I plan to buy the non-fuzz lined for the warmer months ahead. I'm blown away really! Give them a try, you can return them if they don't suit you. Wow, just wow!

My husband has recently discovered that Crocs are quite comfortable and has been wearing a non-lined black pair as house shoes for several months. When it started to get cold, he complained about the holes in the shoes, so I thought a pair of fuzzy ones would solve that problem. The fuzz is not removable, which I originally thought was a pro; I almost got a pair of knock-offs but noticed it said the lining came out and hesitated. I figured that a removable lining would get bunched up funny with normal wear or somehow otherwise deteriorate, so I chose these with the permanent lining. HOWEVER. I feel now that that was a mistake, lol. After just a few times wearing these, they smell QUITE BAD. My husband does not generally have smelly feet, so I didn't even foresee this being an issue. But the ~slightest~ sweat and these turn into a hotbox for odor. We've been powdering them and he wears socks now to try to keep a layer between his feet and the lining, which helps. 10/10 for comfort/warmth/material, but otherwise, closer to a 5/10 for ease of use just for the trapping of odor.

I've had probably 10 pair of Crocs in my life, my last pair I bought was around 5 years ago.
The one thing I noticed immediately when I put this pair on was they felt much harder in the footbed than I remember. They also seem smaller than my previous size 10s .But this pair has lining which is cozy but may make the fit feel smaller. My Toes are right at the end and I hope that does not make the ends of my big toes sore. Since the footbed and heel are harder I can really feel the stress in my right ankle and knee.
BUT. I have problem feet.
Overall the shoes are nice looking, soft and warm inside and hopefully my feet can adjust to the difference in lack of squishyness.
I'll update my review as needed and time to break in.

Crocs are sold as Unisex but then everything I have received since has them as "Women's Lined Clog..." They are also way too large. I ordered men's 10, and they are 1/2" to 1" longer than any other Crocs I have, so I had to send them back for an exchange. The men's 9 are the same length as the Crocs men's 10 Santa Cruz loafers that I bought last year. They're, at least so far, not as comfortable as I would have expected. Nothing drastic. Just don't have that "Crocs" feel to them that I have come to expect from Crocs, and I have about 4-5 pair, so obviously, I really like Crocs..

I have fibromyalgia and these fur lined crocs are an absolute must for me. They reduce the pain I have in my body and back and really do help. I would fully recomment for anyone being on their feet or suffering from arthritis or similar. And the seller was excellent too ... the lining was a little unfinised but still wearable and they agreed to a discount immediately. Pleased with Crocs and pleased with Amazon. Great price too.

ahh.... Lovely snug feeet again. We have bought umpteen pairs of furlined Crocs, for both my husband & myself, which we wear all day long in the colder months, as we work from home. Previously supplied with removable linings, which I have washed in the machine, we like the supportive nature of Crocs, which don't lose their shape as slippers do. Our Crocs generally last the season plus a bit, before the linings become flat, & less warm, & eventually smelly (despite laundering) Also the soles have worn so loose their grip & are less supportive so causeing ankle, knee & back pain. I usually buy them when there is a deal on so find them excellent value for money. Couldn't get our usual style with removeable linings this time at a good price so opted for these (although no choice in colour for our sizes). I'll be interested to know how we get on with the integral (non removable) linings in these pairs, looks like I'll need to bung the whole lot in the machine, hope they don't make too much noise in the washing machine or take too long to dry!

Dopo un utilizzo quotidiano di ben due mesi credo di avere tutte le carte in regola per poter recensire al meglio questo prodotto.


SOLUZIONE A - Se avete intenzione di indossare lo zoccolo con calzino spesso, prendete una taglia in più (nel caso di Crocs, come potete notare, c'é la doppia taglia.. es. 45-46, 46-47, ecc..).

SOLUZIONE B - Se avete intenzione di indossarlo, invece, scalzi o con un calzino sottile, scegliete il vostro numero abituale (nel mio caso porto 45 e ho preso il numero 45-46).

Preparatevi a lavare gli zoccoli in maniera frequente : visto il calore che sprigionano, impiegano davvero poco a far sudare il piede. Piede sudato = puzza. E che puzza ! L'Aspetto positivo però é che mantengono i piedi davvero al caldo.
Per il resto, sono leggeri, fatti con ottimi materiali (anche se avrei gradito un rivestimento interno più di qualità e meno, passatemi il termine, puzzoso-cinese), rifiniture ottime, calzata davvero comoda e confortevole (a mio parere mille volte meglio rispetto alla classica pantofola). Si prestano bene anche a piccole uscite sul cortile di casa.

Pur avendo assegnato 4 stelle, l'articolo presenta alcuni aspetti negativi che é bene elencare :

- il prodotto é "Made in China". Voi siete contrari al "Made in China" e lo evitate ? Io francamente si e le motivazioni sono varie ma non sto qui a dilungarmi. Tra l'altro, visto che Crocs é un marchio rinomato e visto il costo dello zoccolo non ci si aspetta che sia prodotto lì. A mio modo di vedere marchi rinomati e costosi che producono in Cina non fanno altro che rovinarsi l'immagine e la reputazione.

- i fori nella parte superiore dello zoccolo catturano davvero l'inimmaginabile. Andrebbero puliti di tanto in tanto ma non essendo lo zoccolo sfoderabile diviene impossibile intervenire.

- prezzo un pò sopra le righe; sarebbe stato più corretto e ragionevole pagare lo zoccolo tra i 20 e i 25 euro. Alla fine si tratta di plastica e materiale sintetico assemblato in Cina, non é mica oro ! :P

Nonostante gli aspetti negativi ne consiglio l'acquisto e credo di aver dato una giusta votazione.

P.s. zoccolo indicato particolarmente per chi soffre di freddo ai piedi.


Lo zoccolo a distanza di pochi mesi, anche con la massima cura dell' igiene personale, si è impregnato di una puzza davvero orribile e incredibile .. tanto da viziare l'aria di un'intera camera d'appartamento. Per intederci, la puzza non è solo quella dei miei piedi ( che stando al caldo all'interno di questo zoccolo possono anche sudicchiare un pò) ma una puzza derivante soprattutto dal pessimo materiale che hanno usato per rivestire internamente lo zoccolo (una sorta di pile cinese!). Altamente sconsigliato, care aziende rinomate che vendete i vostri prodotti a caro prezzo, magari produrre in Cina vi fa guadagnare tremendamente bene ma l'altro risvolto della medaglia è che alla fine vendete materiale palesemente di scarsa qualità. Cambio il giudizio e porto da 4 stelle a 1 stella.

Oh my! I normally like a slipper with a hard dole, do I can nip outside with them on if necessary, but I also like a boot style slipper, so a bit if a change here.
But the thing I must get across, is just how soft the lining is, and so comfortable. The best thing is, your feet don’t get sweaty. Don’t compromise with cheap copies. These are a must.

I bought two of these for my husband and my son and they love them. A bit early for the season as they get your feet really warm. They are going to really enjoy them in a month or so when the cold weather comes in. Fit as expected, and i find the classic is so absorbing of vibrations, perfect for the heels. I own a pair of classic crocs with no lining and my heels have been super happy all year around. Personally i prefer the lining not to be removable, as the liners tend to slide out. Hopefully these will age well. All in all highly recommend. I am thinking of buying a pair for me too.