TenFit Jewelry Elegant 4ct Round Cushion Cut Solitaire Halo Simulated Diamond Wedding Engagement Ring


  • TenFit Jewelry is a US registered trademark and Tenfit is the only owner for this brand.we produce fashion styles and good quality jewelry always.
  • Matrial:925 Sterling silver ,Simulated Diamond
  • ring size:4.5/5/6/7/8/9/
  • Packing with gift box as a gift
  • It is a great present for a birthday,Wedding, anniversary, valentine's day,Mother's Day, Christmas, New Year or another significant event.


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Wedding Jewelry wedding band

Our Brand

TenFit jewelry is a company specializing in wedding jewelry and fashion jewelry.we are vertically integrated with factories all over the world to offer you unique simulate jewelry at affordable prices. We cut the middlemen to source our stones directly from the mines and beautifully craft them into high quality anniversary rings. necklaces.pendants and stylish earrings. We truly are the value leader providing you with most affordable, high quality jewelry.

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Why Choose "TenFit"

A"TenFit" will come to100%(Ten) to fit your thought,not only the jewelry,it will bring you a new idea through your lifestyle.

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Product details
  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Package Dimensions : 2.4 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches; 0.64 Ounces
  • Item model number : R107-4.5
  • Department : Womens
  • Date First Available : May 24, 2016
  • Manufacturer : TenFit
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #246,277 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #229 in Women's Engagement Rings
    • #2020 in Women's Rings

This looks fantastic on , it has so many lovely colors you are just stunned at the beauty of this ring! It's so pretty, not too big, it does NOT look fake on at all........In fact no one can tell if it is a diamond or not! My husband and I are sick and don't have money to buy any fancy rings we don't have wedding rings and we have been married over 20 years now, but we are hoping to get the white gold rings some day here on amazon......This will stay on my hand until I die, or it is replaced with the real thing,, but to me it is the real thing, my husband is a wonderful man that wants to give me the world

Was skeptical at first because CZ can look really cheap and you never really I know the quality of what you're buying online. Just received it in the mail and I couldn't be more impressed! I work in a hospital and the combination of patient care and hand sanitizer has really taken a toll on my white gold and diamonds, so I've been on the lookout for a "work ring" that was sturdy yet pretty. And if I'm going to sacrifice wearing my real diamonds, whatever I buy better look like a real diamond. This ring is incredible! It has a similar weight to my 2 carat diamond engagement ring, no defects in the band, S925 etched on the inside of the band (but not sure if true sterling), stone is clear and free from defects with no bluish tone. Catches the light very well and sparkles like you wouldn't believe without looking fake. Stone is large but still real looking and is paired nicely with the delicate silver band. You don't really even notice the small diamonds under the large stone, like I didn't even realize they were there until I actually put the ring on. Does not sit flush with my wedding band so you may want to find a curved band if thats the style you're looking for. The stone seems really secured in the prongs and the small stones underneath are secured with prongs as well, not just glued in. Overall very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend to anyone looking for a real looking but sturdy 'el cheapo' ring! The attached photos are taken under artificial light (my kitchen) and natural light (driveway).

 I ended up getting this based on the other reviews, which most were 5 stars and seem to rave about this ring. I thought, heck, why not give it a try since almost everyone else seems to love it. I do not know what I had in my mind, but for $19.88 (after taxes), this ring has far exceeded my expectations. My boyfriend and I were looking for a promise ring. I did not want him spending a ton of money on rings, so I decided to look at sites like Jeulia, Jewlr, etc. and then for fun, decided to see what Amazon had. I will be honest, before I bought this, the day before I had bought a Jeulia ($93 after taxes on their site) ring, sterling silver and simulated stone solitaire and 1 "carat" as well....impressed but this TenFit ring is preferred by me...and it was not even 20$!!!!...I cannot get over it! This ring shines like crazy, their sizing was true to size for me, and it's not a faux looking. If I was shown this ring, I would never have guess it's a simulated diamond (cubic zirconia). I have purchased CZ rings before, from Pandora, and even after a few days, the silver lost some of it's shine and so did the CZ. It became cloudy and just looked fake. Now, I really did not care what simulated stone I got, it just so happened that this one was CZ. Great quality, great price, and looks genuine. No problems at all yet, still looks brand new. Totally worth it if you're not looking to spend an arm and a leg. I plan on doing another updated review after a couple months but so far, one very surprised and pleased customer.

Update 12/22/18: ring is still holding up beautifully and no issues. I expected scratching from everyday wear being sterling silver but sterliving silver Jewry wipes do the trick to bring back that shiny look. I’m in love with it still. Would definitely recommend still, can’t beat the price, even if it did go up a bit from when I purchased it in May.

This ring is beautiful! Shines great! It is large, very clear stine, looks like a diamond in color meaning it does not look like a piece of glass. It has facets in it and sparkles beautifully in sun and ambient lightening. It does not turn my finger green at all. I wore it for a week everyday, doing my normal days activities and it didn't effect it one bit. The sterling seems to be very plated on most likely has a rhodium flash on it. Anything plated without rhodium on me, turns my skin green. I have very high acid in my skin. This ring is great in every way, except the band is thin for a stone that size! I've bought a stainless steel wide band to pair with it! I know it's really going to make that ring pop! I bought an etched band and a wide plain band. Suppose to be here today. I will post a picture at that time with the band. It is true to size, does not spin on my finger. I. Clean it daily in the morning with a little dish soap and a soft tooth brush, rinse in warm water then cold and I dry and polish with an old cotton tee. It looks brand new Everytime. Do not use jewelry cleaner on any of this type jewelry!! It will RUIN your ring!! And it just never requires that type of cleaning. It will take the finish off your prongs even if the rest stays nice! Once my prongs turn brass, I pitch it! So many times even if the plating is solid and possibly rhodium flashed, often times the prongs are not! And a harsh chemical such as cleaners will take the plating right off those prongs! Just stick with soapy water and dry cotton cloth, it will be beautiful a very long time. I also have noticed with this type of cz it actually gains greater luster and shine over time for some reason. I've never had one to cloud on me with proper care. These type of cz have a certain look to them that you can spot in an actual photo of the ring after you've bought a few. It looks hard, it's clear, it's faceted, it reflects light similar to a diamond. However the 4 carat size makes other family and friends know it's fake. But if your a high society gal, that wants something to wear on vacation or when going out, and you generally wear big stones...Don't hesitate buy it, pair it with a beautiful band, a silver bracelet and off you go. Looks like a million bucks! Enjoy!

This product is outstanding.

When I was presented with this ring; my jaw dropped.

It's too big, I thought initially. But after several hours of wearing it, I can say that I prefer this ring to any other I have. It's big, but seems to sit well on my hand, looks good and doesn't weigh down my hand.
Oh and NO it does not turn your finger green. My skin reacts quite quickly; if it was going to turn my skin green, it would have done so by now. But there isn't a single discoloration.

Yes, I know, not a real diamond, but I am so thrilled with this. My fiance and I are on a tight budget, but we have been waiting for years to be formally engaged, so we wanted a statement, but not the price tag. This ring is exceptional; for us. It's perfect on my hand, fits great, feels great.
The sparkle is remarkable.
My fiance gave me the PERFECT ring.

Pretty ring. Has a nice sparkle too it. The prongs holding the stone seem to be larger than what you would see on the real thing, however it is a nice piece to wear.

Love, love, love it! I love the way it sparkles. So pretty and really looks like the real thing. I'm really happy with my purchase. I bought both the 10mm and the 7mm and I'm NOT disappointed at all. Both look stunning!! ♡

This ring is amazing!!! I'm very happy with it... the sparkle is so beautiful! Showed up 4 days early

Absolutely gorgeous. Stamped with S925! Super shiny and has good weight to it. I’m in love! And all for a really great price. Couldn’t be happier