Warner's Women's No Side Effects Full Coverage Underwire Bra


  • 78% Nylon, 22% Elastane
  • Imported
  • Hook and Eye closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Extra side coverage panels eliminate underarm bulge
  • Front-adjustable straps for added convenience
  • Underwire



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Back to smooth wire free contour lift provides back smoothing to eliminate unsightly bulges

Product details
  • Department : Womens
  • Manufacturer : Warner's
  • Product Dimensions : 9.75 x 10.5 x 1 inches
  • Item model number : 01356-665-34C
  • Date First Available : October 8, 2019
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #411 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry (See Top 100 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry)
    • #229 in Women's Shops
    • #9 in Everyday Bras

A few years back I tried Warmers "This is not a bra" bra. At 63 years old you'd have thought I had found other bras that were good to great fitting bras, not so, regardless of the price. The "This is not a bra" was the first bra I have ever felt comfortable in, so I hesitated trying the "Side effects" bra. But I figured with Amazon's return policy I could chance it and For the second time in my life I found another at least good and comfortable fitting bra (sorry to sound like a Warner's commercial, but that's all fact). I had seen the Side effects bra in stores and wasn't sure about the wide sides, but it is comfortable, the sides don't ride up with a lot of activity, and I don't feel like I have to keep adjusting it during the day. It does smooth out the side under your arms nicely. Imagine a company that makes a bra that actually fits and isn't uncomfortable to wear. I like this one as well as the "This is not a bra" style.

It’s comfortable but within days I was on the tightest setting. It stretched out a ton. It felt like a million bucks on day one. By my third wear I was like what’s going on here? And those side ‘no spill’ cups looks pretty ugly when it’s on. They also stretched and look even uglier now bc after a week (and no washing), they are flared out. This makes no sense bc I bought another Warner’s bra at the same time (same size different style) and that one is plenty tight but the cups are too big. I don’t have time to deal w a company that can’t get sizing consistent from model to model. And this one seems to be losing shape every time I wear it. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I love this bra! It is extremely comfortable.. Although they have a full coverage version of this bra and this one is not labeled full coverage, to me it feels like full coverage. On that note though the cups seem to run big. I'm usually a 36C and the 36C fit, and even though a very comfortable full coverage fit, felt like almost a little too roomy in the cups so I re-ordered in the 36B and that seems to fit a little better. Other than that, which is not really an issue I just had to get a different size, this bra is fantastic! I am in love. Supports well without being too tight. I will be getting more of these..
UPDATE: Warning this bra stretches!! When I first tried it on it fit perfectly hooked on the last hook. I washed it (in a lingerie bag) and hung it to dry like I do with all my bras. When I put it on again to wear it it had stretched out considerably but was still wearable hooked on the smallest hook, after only several hours of wearing it stretched out beyond wearability. I was able to get a refund though so A+ for customer service. I still do love the bra and I'm going to try getting the next smallest band size so that when it stretches out it will fit.

Perfect fit, I fell very covered and straps stay in place, comfy too.

This is one of the most comfortable bras I've ever worn and it does its job of keeping the girls up. I purchased this style two years ago and finally had to retire it and there was no other thought in my mind than to repurchase this bra. The fit is great, the band stayed elastic way beyond the years of other bras I've owned, never had an issue with the wire coming out, and it kept it shape through many machine washes.

Oh, wow!

I've always HATED bras. I've never been able to find one that fit, allowed me to move, covered the side boob, was comfortable, AND looked good.

This is the FIRST bra that I've ever come across that does ALL that.

It was weird when I first opened the package. The cups looked huge. But that's by design. The cup goes all the way around the side to get ALL of the boob in there. Tried it on and it's perfect all the way around. The wide back strap means that it doesn't dig into my ribs. The shoulder straps are designed in such a way that they actually stay ONE my shoulders and don't creep their way down my arm.

And I can MOVE and the darn thing stays in place! I can bend over without falling out and lift my arms over my head without spilling out the bottom. It's got an underwire, but it's friendly. Doesn't bite into the skin and is flexible enough that it's not noticeable.

This is now my everyday bra. I just bought three more.

And the PRICE!!

I'd pay $80 for this bra.

Very odd - I purchased one of these in the store and loved it so much, I found them on Amazon and bought 2 of the same EXACT size. When I received the bras from amazon, they were WAY too small... not sure what changed, but at least the seller gave me a prompt refund. I would have rather had 2 new nice fitting bras though.

This is a bad bra, I have worn a 36 C forever, they always fit. This bra was large in the cup and the extra material that is there to tuck in your side boob got almost immediately stretched out and now sticks out like wings on either side.

The bra is slightly too big - not exactly unexpected as I know I need a 32 but the smallest it's made in is 34. I have to decide whether to send it back or get my sewing machine to it. Reluctant to return it as no-one else seems to make a bra with these side panels. So come on Warners (or someone), make it in a 32 please. Some of us thinner women need this sort of bra too.

Love these bras as they are so comfortable and cover under arm bra spillage. Unfortunately cannot get them in the U.K. was pleased with the convenient, hassle free delivery, will be ordering some more.

Just arrived so I tried it on. Fits perfectly with no bulges, I'm impressed so buying another 3, can not wait to wear it after its washed

Very comfortable but does come up large on back.

Y'all. This is the best. I'm both a thick and a busty lady, and this is the first bra I've ever had that doesn't pinch or cut in anywhere. When I first unpacked it I was pretty dubious about it's supportive capabilities; I'm used to needing bras on the verge of being industrial hardware. I was especially suspicious that a meager two hooks on the back (I didn't notice this before buying the bra) would even survive bending over to tie my shoes. The side bands are a stretchy, supportive material similar to hardcore workout gear, but without seams or elastic. No seams = no pressure points, so no pinching or side bulging! It distributes tension evenly across the whole band, instead of a select few reinforced areas.
I work as a barista in a really busy but *very* tiny coffee shop, so lots of twisting, turning, bending, elbow lifting, and dancing around coworkers through the day. This bra totally kept up with me, and it's the first time in recent memory I haven't been dying to fling my bra off as soon as I get home. It was also much cooler and more breathable than I expected, and shoulder straps that adjust in the front? Genius. I'm also thrilled at the price, as I'm used to having to spend at least $75 for anything even remotely up to the challenge.

Very soft and comfortable would like more of this bra

Having seen ads on tv for this new Warner's bra, I was happy to see it available through Amazon, especially at such a reasonable price. It's not only comfortable and fit as expected, it lives up to the No Side Effects name. A smooth, enhanced side panel ensures that bra-bulge is no longer. My Mom and I looked at the design and have to wonder why it took so long for them to design a bra like it. It's a simple solution to an annoying problem. As with many bras now, it is made with a soft fabric that's confortablr and provides a smooth line under clothing. I recommend this bra and ended up purchasing several.

The gore is just for decorative purposes. It doesn’t lay against your skin like it’s supposed to. The cups nearly touch in the center so the design is very poor. The bottom of the cups dig brutally into your ribs. Also, unless you have wide shoulders the straps want to slide off because they’re sewed too far out. Expected more after reading other reviews.

The bra did fit as expected, and the feature to help with muffin-topping at your sides does work nicely.

My only complaint is the wires between the cups push on my chest and makes it a bit uncomfortable. The feel of the material is ok, but the bra doesn't seem to be of the best quality one can buy.

Me: "do you want to leave a review for this?"
Me: "how many colors ($$$) is that?

Esta marca me ha gustado mucho. Muchos brasiers son de para hombros anchos y no se ajustan a mi cuerpo. Estos, en cambio, se ajustan perfectamente, no se caen los tirantes y son muy suaves.

Being Asian, it’s super difficult to find bras that fit my 3/4 cup sized breasts.
The underwire fits perfectly and very comfortable. However the cup is soooo big that my boobs only fill up to half of the cup.
I need either build in push-up pads to fill the cups or the cups need to be smaller!

Gonna need to buy air tickets to Asia to find bras that fit